I have played violin for the past 17 years, and bass for the last 9. I am an experienced musician in many styles, including classical, jazz, funk, latin, middle eastern, rock, and other alternative music genres. I have played in settings varying from big bands to combos to orchestras to solo acts using loop pedals.

When I was two years old, my parents let me play with my great-grandfather’s violin until the day I saw to its demise by stepping on it. I have been playing ever since. I am 20 now, and am a sophomore in the dual degree program between Tufts University and the New England Conservatory (NEC) in Boston, studying Peace and Justice Studies and Jazz Performance. Apart from playing violin, I also play bass and know bits and pieces of guitar, trombone, drums, mandolin and ukelele.

I have participated in Maine classical and jazz Allstate festivals on both violin and bass(jazz), and was selected as concertmaster for the 2010 Maine District II Orchestra. Classically, I have been a member of both the Portland Youth Symphony Orchestra (High School level) and the Southern Maine Symphony Orchestra (College level) I attended the String Fling program at Berklee College of Music in the summer of ’08, was awarded a full scholarship to attend the Berklee 5 week Summer Performance Program(’09), and was selected for the Berklee Summer Jazz Workshop for the summer of 2010. I was also fortunate to attend Interplay Jazz Camp in 2010, and have participated in the Maine Jazz Camp in the past as a camper and staff member.

I was part of a local funk/fusion band called DysFunktional Mayhem, and also play with the band El Malo and in other engagements as both a leader and a sideman in venues throughout New England. More recently, I played violin, bass, and sang in the jazz/rock bands Pilgrimage and Dusty Grooves, based in Portland Maine. I also played with my high school’s jazz combo, which was awarded third place in the 2011 state competition for jazz overall, with our guitarist and I picking up Outstanding Musicianship Awards. I have also been selected for the Judge’s Choice award at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival twice.  Most recently, I was selected for participation in the Savannah Music Festival’s Acoustic Music Seminar for the spring of 2014.

I am currently a member of the Tufts Takht Ensemble (Arabic music) and Tufts Early Music Ensemble, a classical student horn trio, and jazz combos coached by Jerry Bergonzi and Cecil McBee at NEC. I privately study with pianist Frank Carlberg and violist Tanya Kalmanovitch. I play in Inca Mummy Girl, a progressive jam band (violin), and Thoroughfare, a pop/rock group (bass), both bands are based out of Tufts.  I have also begun work on a new project, the Gabe Terracciano Organ Trio, featuring Michael Beling (Organ) and Gary Gemmiti (Drums).

My first album with the Ron McClure Quartet, “Crunch Time”, was released in January of 2012 on Steeplechase records. It is available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. A second record, “Ready or Not” with the Ron McClure Quintet was released in April 2013.  I have also made sideman appearances on other records.

While I have played violin in many ensembles that are nontraditional to the instrument, I have found that there are many barriers separating violin from the rest of the jazz and funk world. My mission is to push past those barriers. I consider myself a musician of many styles who happens to play strings. I have been lucky to work with some amazing teachers and musicians such as Don Doane, Tony Boffa, Rob Thomas, Mimi Rabson, Ron Lantz, Dimitri Gribizis, Bronek Suchanek, Ron Madhi, Rick DiMuzio, Terri Lynne Carrington, Christiane Karam, Eugene Friesen, Mike Tucker, Jerry Bergonzi, Nick Kitchen, John McNeil, Darryl Lowery, Dave Clark, Matt Pavolka, Russ Johnson, Dan Pratt, John Carlson, Mark White, Matt Glaser, Vinx, Sam Weiss (Shnabubula), DBR, Chris Humphrey, Sean Potter, my father, Carmine, and others. Lastly, I would like to thank Joe Venuti, for turning me on to jazz and making me believe.