For Future Release:

“Uphoria” (2017) with Verena McBee Group

First Original Album coming in 2018!!!


Available Now:

Sunlight After Midnight” – with Briana Cash.  Released November 2014 by Briana Cash.  Violin.

Disguise” – with Briana Cash.  Released November 2014 by Briana Cash.  Violin.

“Americana Dawn: Civilized Folk” – with Shnabubula (Samuel Ascher-Weiss).  Released November 2013 by Shnabubula.  Violin.

Balance and Ruin“, performing on the track “Ending Suite” with Shnabubula.  Released July, 2013 by OC Remix. Violin.

“All Around Me, It’s Christmas” – with Briana Cash.  Released June 2013 by Briana Cash.  Violin and viola.

“Ready or Not” – with the Ron McClure Quintet.  Steeplechase Records, released April 2013.  Violin and composition.

“Landscapes of Bliss” – with Thoroughfare.  Self-released, released April 2013.  Bass.

Preschtale Variations“, performing on the track “Quinine (Preschtale Part 3) with Shnabubula, Released by C-Jeff January 2013, Violin.

Spelunky Soundtrack“, performing on the track “Turkish Coffee” with Shnabubula, released by Eirik Suhrke, August 2012.  Violin.

“Crunch TIme” – with the Ron McClure Quartet.  Steeplechase Records, released January 2012.  Violin.